Acqua Frasassi: protetta dalla natura

From the heart of the Marche

Acqua Frasassi comes from the green heart of the Marche region and flows under the protection of caves that are thousands of years old, in the Gola della Rossa and Frasassi Natural Park.

Water is the real protagonist

The Frasassi Caves are the guardians of a natural treasure of incredible beauty. For thousands of years the water has created spectacular natural sculptures, drop by drop.

A pure, protected and uncontaminated environment

Acqua Frasassi has always been the creator of a firm link with its environment of origin. The direct source in the green heart of the Marche region has become a guarantee of authenticity and naturalness for Acqua Frasassi.

A favourable environment

Nature protects Acqua Frasassi and Acqua Frasassi protects the environment that surrounds it, by adopting eco-friendly materials for new bottles and reducing carbon dioxide emissions into the atmosphere thanks to a photovoltaic system for the production of clean energy.

A precious resource

Acqua Frasassi is enriched along the way by precious minerals and micro-elements that make it suitable for preparing baby food and to help the whole family feel good.

Acqua Frasassi and the Frasassi Caves: a guarantee of authenticity

The Frasassi Caves are an underground karst cave system in the municipality of Genga, in the province of Ancona, in the Gola della Rossa and Frasassi Natural Park. During a walk of about 1 hour 15 minutes, you can discover and admire this incredibly beautiful natural treasure, which has always been one of the most fascinating natural attractions in the Marche region and in the whole of Italy.
In a system of spectacular tunnels, both old and newly formed, where small narrow openings alternate with small lakes and unique, atmospheric cavities, it is the water, with its slow and unobstructed flow and settling, that is the real protagonist. Inside, there are numerous striking stalactites and stalagmites and spectacular natural sculptures that are the result of limestone stratification formed over 190 million years of constant modelling and sculpting by the flowing water.
And it is here, protected by these caves that are thousands of years old, that Acqua Frasassi flows, becoming enriched with precious minerals and micro-elements which make it a precious resource that helps the whole family feel good.
Discover the origin of Acqua Frasassi.
Acqua Frasassi. Protected by nature.